muddy gloves llc - container gardens....seasonally unique!

Muddy Gloves diggs…

We are constantly searching for unique things and are happy to share some of our favorites here with you.  Some for your outdoor projects, but a few special things for to accent your interior spaces...Check back to see our special finds as as we will update throughout the season…Let us know if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you!!!

Spring Indoor Decor...Planters, vases, votives, tabletop...all of these items are available through Muddy Gloves...Email with any questions and we will help you freshen your interior decor!

some favorite items to make outdoor cleanup easier...

With its strong handles, semi rigid material, and flexible hoop at the top, this bag eliminates makes gardening a breeze.  Use it again and again, and either rinse or wipe it clean.  It is a must have for Muddy Gloves installations!  Available on various websites and directly through Bosmere.

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